Catholic Friends of Israel

Man of Many Blogs Christopher Blosser writes to inform me he's assumed ownership of Catholic Friends of Israel from its originator, Don Kenner, who's stepped back for personal reasons. New url, new look, check it out. The most recent post at this writing is on Christians for Fair Witness in the Middle East. Amen to that!

Speaking of fair witness, here's an item I first saw in a blog somewhere last week, but which made WaTi this morning. Arabs can't help but admire Israel for its investigation of its own Prime Minister.
"This is democracy at its best. Enough of dictatorship in the Arab world. Let's learn from the Israeli example. Let's benefit from Israel's democracy," a Palestinian named Hani wrote on his blog from the West Bank city of Ramallah.

"I have always hated Israel very much," wrote Khaled in Saudi Arabia, "but there is still no one above the law there."

Another blogger named Majed wrote, "Show me one Arab or Islamic country where a prime minister or a senior government official was ever questioned for financial corruption or bribery."

Yet another blogger describing himself as Syrian Voice writes: "Despite my hatred for the Zionist regime, I have a lot of admiration and respect for this entity because there is no one above the law. In the Arab world, laws are broken every day and no one seems to care."

The most unexpected things bear witness, don't they?