Hillary Must Stay

Remember 1980? Ted Kennedy refused to concede until the convention --and he was running against an incumbent president.
There were some who said we should be silent about our differences on issues during this convention, but the heritage of the Democratic Party has been a history of democracy. We fight hard because we care deeply about our principles and purposes. We did not flee this struggle. We welcome the contrast with the empty and expedient spectacle last month in Detroit where no nomination was contested, no question was debated, and no one dared to raise any doubt or dissent.
Remember his magnificent speech?I recall being stirred by it even though I didn't agree with a word, and I still find it moving on re-read. (It was so good that I have no recollection of what followed --Mr. W. had to remind me. Remember Carter meekly following Kennedy around the platform trying to shake his hand and Kennedy resolutely finding cause not to do so?) It's interesting to read this and compare it with Obama's speeches. Anyway, Hillary should stay in, if only as an homage to Kennedy.