An Inconvenient Tragedy

You've no doubt read that An Inconvenient Truth is to be adapted into an opera, which will open at La Scala in 2011. Trousered Ape asks, why wait? and brings us the libretto. Here's an excerpt from Act II. We join the action shortly after Skeptica has been silenced by the sorcerer Khi-Oto:

Enter Consensus, in judicial robes, Algor, and Citizens.
Consensus:This man has argued very well,
And with such wit and sense,
That no one hearing him can tell
Of greater eloquence.
But as my task perforce requires,
I must hear a rebuttal,
Or equity at once expires
And justice is a muddle.
(rec.)What have you to say? Can you refute him?
Skeptica, horrified, finds herself unable to speak. After a long and agonizing effort, she sinks to the ground in despair.
Consensus:I shall my verdict now announce:
Since no one did object,
By rule of law I must pronounce
That this man is correct.
Exit Consensus.

Tee Hee. I think I'd actually pay to see this. The singing slide show? Not so much.