Accidentally read these items in close proximity to one another. From a 2006 interview with Israeli ambassador Oded Ben Hur:
I would go so far as to say that Benedict XVI looks at Israel from a different point of view, compared to others. He sees the state of Israel not as an error of history, but as the heart of the Jewish world....
Versus WaPo columnist Richard Cohen:
The greatest mistake that Israel could make, is to forget that Israel itself is a mistake.
Here's the rest of the Ambassador's comment, with which I concur.
At the same time he is a realistic pope, who understands that the Church’s political influence is limited. He knows that the Church’s strength is not political, but moral. And it is there that he exerts himself most. It’s the pope as the great educator of the world, reawakening consciences, illuminating the darkness of ignorance, and pointing out where evil is triumphing over the good.