Straw In The Wind

Kissoon, a naturalized Pakistani who was just here on a repair job, saw over my shoulder I was writing about Obama and asked me what I thought of him. I told him --gingerly, the way you do when a total stranger asks a delicate question--the short version of what I wrote in the previous post. I want to like him, he's got a great American story, but in the end he's a radical I can't support. What did I think of Hillary? Don't like her, but she's gone. McCain? Not in love with him, but think I have to vote for him for the good of the country. Kissoon hasn't decided yet, he's just beginning to investigate the candidates. But he's concerned about defense. He wants energy independence through oil-drilling in America (nobody's good on that, I said). Then he said:
We aren't taking the president of Iran seriously enough, we're not listening to him. McCain seems to be the only mature on in the race.
That we made my day! This guy is darker than Obama with an accent so broken I could barely understand him, and he's an American.