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Bush with the Pope yesterday. More excellent pix here. More details from the visit. Remember, this was
the first time a meeting with a head of state at the Vatican was not held in the pope's private study and was meant to repay Bush for the warm White House lawn reception the pope got in April on his 81st birthday.
The President got to walk in the Vatican gardens and see St. John's tower.
AP/ Evan Vucci

I was thinking a photo was a little lame as a gift (though better than a stick), but the Pope gave Bush almost the same photo. That plus a 4-volume work on St. Peter's.
Perhaps you'll have time to read it,
His Holiness said. From various things I've read, I get the sense the Pope is a little puckish in private. The President was kvelling. The press is mocking because he doesn't get the lingo right. OK, but he acts natural, and I think the Pope must find it refreshing.