Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been A Friend Of Abe?

I'll have to grant WaTi a reprieve for this front page story this morning --and during the week Trumbo opened.
A group of politically conservative and centrist Hollywood figures organized by actor Gary Sinise and others has been meeting quietly in restaurants and private homes, forming a loose-knit network of entertainers who share common beliefs like supporting U.S. troops and traditional American values.
While some of them --such as Jon Voight-- are openly supporting McCain, what I love is the group isn't political as such; they're mainly interested in making movies that reflect what's good about America. When we ask "why do they hate us?" I'm always amazed that people don't blame Hollywood. How does anyone in the world "know" what he knows about us? Is it not primarily through our entertainments, in which every woman is debauched, every father is a moron, every child is a spoiled brat, every institution corrupt, every company despoiling the earth by choice and every agenda hidden?
many want to produce more movie and theater projects with a positive American message and stronger emphasis on positive cultural values instead of films that paint America as "the great Satan," Mr. Boone said. Mr. Chetwynd said such efforts have been under way for several years, well before the Friends of Abe luncheons began.
One member who spoke on record described it thus
Craig Haffner, a producer who also attended the gatherings, said Friends of Abe is "not a political action group; people are gravitating to it because they love their country.
Here's the hilarious part --the group has to meet in secret.
The group, whose members call themselves "Friends of Abe" after Abraham Lincoln, was organized as an underground movement because of fears that prominent industry titans with outspoken liberal views would retaliate, said participants. They often were reluctant to name members of the group in interviews for fear it would hurt their careers.
You mean, they fear the blacklist in the land of Trumbo? All those shrinks and shamans in Hollywood and so little self-awareness.