Ciao, Oz!


The Pope's in Australia, resting up from jet lag before official festivities begin Thursday. National Catholic Register's Tim Drake has pointed out that the press always undergoes a transformation during a papal event. That seems already to have begun. The stories are obsessed with child abuse and papal apologies, yes; nonetheless, we're told the Pope descended the plane "with a spring in his step," and "briskly." And this feature that ran in the Australian is plain fantastic.

Here's a transcript (English & Italian) of the presser B-16 gave on the plane. I love the guy from The Australian who essentially asks, Isn't it pointless to come here? Interesting videos related to the Pope's trip here.

And here's Himself taking a walk with Cardinal Pell at the Opus Dei center where he's staying for now. And where they've thought of everything. They even borrowed a cat --Bella-- to keep him company.

Pope lights at Sydney Harbor. "Pappy hour" at the local pubs (along with more dubious tribute). And: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, oi, oi, oi!