Fruit of Regensberg

It is said that Saudi King Abdullah is a reformer. He's hosting an interfaith conference in Madrid; no one knows quite what to make of it (cynics say he's just asserting Saudi dominance over Iran, but informed observers point out he's taking a real risk considering his home climate); it seems to be a good sign.

Also: Morocco's king is sending 176 preachers to Morrocan expats around the world to tell them not to radicalize.
In a statement, the Moroccan government said that that the 167 men and nine women (Morocco is the only country to have female imams) have been given the task of “meeting the religious needs of the Moroccan community abroad, protect them from any speeches of an extremist or irregular nature and shelter them from fanaticism and extremism.”
This is sort of amusing:
The 176 will be divided up as follows: 100 will go to France, 31 to Belgium, 10 each to Italy and Germany and seven each to Spain and the Netherlands. ... One will also go to Canada.