Name One

Am I the only one who finds the Washington Times' new website unnavigable? It looks very professional, but you can't find the print version stories there. To find this story, for example, I had to find my print copy and google the headline. Between that and its new editor's lurch Leftward (I nearly choked when they ran a positive profile of the single most evil man in Washington several days ago; all integrity is lost), the cessation of its Saturday edition (they killed the only day I actually have time to read the paper at leisure) and its new Post-like propensity for beginning front page news with bodice-ripper emotional ledes, I just may have to cancel that subscription too. But I digress. I was going to note this line in AP's profile of Bud Day, Big Mac's cellmate in Vietnam.

Mr. McCain left a lasting impression on Mr. Day, and so did a young Navy veteran named John Kerry who spoke critically about the war before a congressional committee in 1971. Mr. Day was deeply offended, and in 2004, he had a chance for payback.

Mr. Day joined a group called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which accused Mr. Kerry of inflating his record in Vietnam. Other veterans and reporters disproved many of the accusations, yet Mr. Day stands by the group and its aims.

By "spoke critically" the AP means "accused his fellow soldiers of heinous war crimes including rapes and beheadings." And as for any Swift Boat claims about Sen. Kerry being disproved: name one. Don't you remember that T. Boone Pickens offered a million dollar prize to anyone who could successfully dispute one of the charges? He never had to write the check --no one even seriously tried. Here's the correspondence he had with Sen. Kerry at the time.