Weapons Grade Photoshop

By now it is old news that in an effort to hide a missile misfire during its saber-rattling missile test last week, Iran photoshopped the pictures it released to the world. In fact, the photos may be completely bogus --pictures of launches from years gone by. I wouldn't mention it, except that photo above (curtsy: ninme) is so funny. And it gives us a chance to revisit this fauxtographic evidence of Hezbollah military prowess. And I have a few other Iraq/Iran stories for which the photo is a convenient peg.

Remember Ahmed Betebi? He was sentenced to death for his part in a student protest in Iran? He escaped and is in DC. Go here for a round-up of links on his story, plus the interview he granted to Voice of America (plus a link to Mr. Betebi's inevitable blog!). He speaks about his 9 years of torture at the hands of the Iranians.

His testimony is moving enough, but to me the most interesting piece of his story is his escape route: through free Iraq. Apparently that's becoming something of a trend, at least according to this Iranian ex-pat.
it appears that now a free Iraq has been instrumental in helping the democratic movement of Iran since many Iranian political figures have used that country to get to the free world. Isn't that interesting?
Why, yes it is. Someone told us it would be so. If only I could remember who it was....

Other items:
  • I seem to recall the "Bush lied" meme sprang from the famed "10 words" in a State of the Union Address, in which Bush said, accurately, that some of our allies think Saddam Hussein tried to buy yellowcake in Niger. British intelligence stands by that claim to this day, but nevermind. What about this? If Saddam had no yellowcake, why did we just have to secretly sneak 550 metric tons of his stash of it out of Iraq and into Canada? (How many nuclear weapons can you build with that much yellowcake? 142.)
  • PM Maliki announced last Saturday We have defeated the terrorists. Plus, scroll around at Gateway Pundit for some truly wonderful stories. My favorites: 900 Iraqis showed up at a concert by two Iraqi pop stars in Wasit (it's been 5 years since music was even allowed there). Read what happened --the recital began with a local police chief reading aloud the rights of all people from the new Iraqi constitution --to loud applause. Plus the Iraqis have met 15 of 18 "benchmarks" that just last year people were saying they'd never meet. There's a round-up of info on that here, but the tale is told by the wonderful photo of Maliki out on the streets with the people. Go look at it! Maliki out on the streets of Baghdad is a very good sign.