Mr. W. found Ed Rendell comparing Obama to Adlai Stevenson and last night on ABC radio I heard someone I think was Steve Roberts comparing him to George McGovern (on the ground he was also a "youth" candidate who bumped off the establishment candidate). Hillary's wonderful performance tonight makes me compare her to Reagan in '76. There has to be a whole lot of buyer's remorse in the Pepsi center tonight.

She looked radiant, she was classy and funny and --something I did not think she had in her-- she controlled the crowd with her delivery. I always think of her as so wooden, but I don't think her husband ever gave a speech like that (well, and she didn't run on). Newfound respect for my enemy.

Oddities: Did you see President Clinton mouthing, "I love you, I love you, I love you" as Hillary took the stage? And when the crowd gave her a standing ovation he choked up. And wasn't that Eleanor Smeal sitting behind Biden in the nominee's box? Ah, common ground.