It's What He Doesn't Think Is Above His Pay Grade That Troubles Me

From The Ryskind Sketchbook, where we find this headline

Obama doesn't know when life begins, supports killing babies born alive just in case they aren't.
One reason it would be foolish for McCain to choose a pro-choice running mate is that it would take this issue largely off the table. Obama's voting 3 times against a born-alive infants protection law in Chicago is one of the most powerful weapons in McCain's arsenal for showing what a radical Obama is. And in the blogosphere, I've seen movement towards McCain instead of an intention to sit out this cycle. Joe Lieberman --though I love him for defending his country--voted against the partial birth abortion ban five times, for heaven's sake! Washington always admired him for his conscience, but as my brother who lived in his state for many years once said, Lieberman's always wrestling with his conscience --and winning.