Now I Understand The Biden Choice

Can we run a background check on Joe Biden and see if that's really his name? Because nothing else that came out of his mouth last night was true. Truly, I have never heard a more shameful or appalling speech. Barack being ready to confront Russia over Georgia, when Barack's first instinct was to side with Russia? Barack having "moved" Bush to start talking about troop withdrawals? Barack knowing how to confront jihadists, unlike that feckless Bush? McCain as not green enough? In a way, Biden's entire speech was a list of McCain's policies --now attributed to Obama. You would have to be utterly apolitical and not watching the news --even the MSM-- for the past seven years to buy anything he said. Are idiots (in the Greek sense of the term) the Democratic base?

(Incidentally, did you see the look on Melissa Etheridge's face when Biden started talking about confronting radical Islamist extremism in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Not happy!)

Meanwhile, Mr. W. read some poll in Colorado showing Obama's lead there has shrunk two points since the convention started. And did his people learn nothing from the pseudo-seal debacle? He's really going to float up on an hydraulic stage to a faux White House? (And some say, ride away on a faux Air Force One, but that has to be a joke.) Mr. W. is amazed the Obama campaign has never heard of Leni Reifenstahl. I'm afraid maybe they have!

Mr. W. senses a window closing on Barack Obama; he may be right.