People Can Be So Lovely

Who is cooler? The Lost Boy turned American champion? Or his foster parents? Lopez Lomong is actually only the first of 6 boys from Sudan his foster parents took in. Look at what his father says about the experience of greeting terrified refugees at the airport (the family also took in a family of 11 from Kosovo for a time).
I got the privilege of being the person that represented America to that family when they came here, and then as each one of (the Sudanese) boys came, I was the guy who took them by the hand and led them to America," he said. "That's an extreme privilege to be in that position in someone's life where you'll be remembered by that person for the rest of their lives as the person who represented America to them.
Think about that. He did this for religious reasons (RTWT) and personal ones, but also as an American. I love this man! This is interesting, too. One of the boys they took in got a whirlwind tour of the Eastern U.S. when he first arrived.
In his first six weeks in America, Anthony went to Disney World, Washington, D.C., and Boston. He surprised the Roger when he told them "parents" were the most amazing thing he had seen in America. "We never would have expected that answer," Robert Rogers said.
Parents. Do watch the little video at the link; it's delightful.