Axis Of Unbelieval

Been reading Novak's No One Sees God, the only one of the crop of Defending God books I can bear to look at for the present. Not that they aren't valuable, it's just that the "hot" atheist books of the Hitchens-Dawkins -Harris axis of unbelieval are so uncompelling intellectually I feel no need to refute them.

At bottom the atheist books amount to lonely people crying out for company, and Novak's book is the only one (at least by title) that responds to that actual cry rather than hitting people upside the head with apologetics. (This is just a mood I'm in. Don't leave me any hectoring notes in comments defending the need for apologetics. I'm all for apologetics; but they are for honest inquirers. The sort of folk who could be "persuaded" by the atheist books are not that audience.)

All of which is just an excuse for a trinity of amusing atheist-related items.

A steady stream of devoted evolutionists continued to gather in this small Tennessee town today to witness what many believe is an image of Charles Darwin—author of The Origin Of Species and founder of the modern evolutionary movement—made manifest on a concrete wall in downtown Dayton. ... The building was also the location of the famed “Scopes Monkey Trial” and is widely considered one of Darwinism’s holiest sites.

  • And finally, this has been cracking me up for weeks: Atheist Toast