Catholic Vote: Friendly Criticism


I intended to keep my mouth shut about this lovely ad from Catholic Vote 2008. But it's been sent me too many times by too many people, so my capacity to go along to get along has been taxed. On the plus side, I agree with the message and find it moving. It tugs on my heartstrings.

On the con side, it's not me who needs to go all gooey over something like this. I can't imagine anyone who doesn't already agree sitting through it. Too long getting to the point & too text-heavy. As Mr. W. said about three frames in, "I can't imagine my cousin sitting through all that." And his cousin, a decent, loving, Church-going, sensible New Jersey Catholic mom --who always votes a straight Democratic ticket-- is precisely the demographic who needs to hear this message.

Update: Since the Queen of Links brought it up in comments, here's a vastly more effective ad in my view. Although admittedly it doesn't hit Catholics directly. But I can imagine Mr. W's cousin listening to this. Probably getting angry at it too, to be honest, but listening and eventually letting it penetrate.