In Which You Remain Enfranchised

Prof. K. writes
It turns out that dogmatic atheist Sam Harris thinks the times call for a philosopher-king. We can’t be governed now by people who are like us. The world is too complicated to be comprehended by ordinary Americans, especially those who go to church, read the Bible, and think God has a plan for the world.
but he's honest enough to admit:
In my crankiest moments, I agree. Universal adult franchise, pah! Only we political science Ph.D.’s should be permitted to vote.
I have those cranky moments, too, but political science Ph.D.'s are the last people I'd enfranchise. (I've got a little list, I've got a little list...)

Most days I think I'd make an excellent philosopher queen, though. Except Plato says wanting the job disqualifies you.

So we stick with republican government for now.