"Just A Janitor"


Three 9/11 reflections:
  • Vanderleun on the aftermath of 9/11. "How different we are without you here...."
  • 9/11 was not a "disaster."

    Misremembering is as dangerous as forgetting. If we must know one thing, it is that the Sept. 11 attacks were neither a natural disaster, nor the unfortunate result of human error. 9/11 wasn't the catastrophic equivalent of a 3,000-car pileup.

    The attacks were not a random act of violence or insanity. They were a deliberate and brutal act of war committed by religious fanatics engaged in Islamic jihad against the United States, all non-Muslim people and any Muslim who wishes to live in a secular society. Worse, the people who perpetrated the attacks have explicitly told us that they are not done.

  • And VDH's contemporaneous column. Worth reflecting on the answer to his question 7 years later: What Are We Made Of?