Mike Gravel On Sarah Palin

I agree with Copious Dissent: this is the most humorous interview I've ever heard. Lefty ex-Alaskan Congressman Mike Gravel on a leftwing talk show. The interviewers get increasingly berserk when he defends her.

You'll also enjoy The Lying King, which I found via American Digest (whose post --since we're doing steam-of-conscious linking on media flim-flammery-- on the latest cover of the Atlantic Monthly is important).

Update: "Ms-Underestimated," says Brett McS of the Palin coverage. And jiminy, look what ninme found about that Gibson/Palin interview. We already thought the frequent cuts were weird.

Which should offend me more: that the MSM is utterly in the bag for Obama or that it's so utterly obvious and artless about it? (I worked in radio once --at VOA-- for 20 minutes; if I'd cut an actuality so badly as that Gibson interview was cut, I'd have been fired at 10.)

Update 2: American Digest reports Atlantic's going to apologize to McCain & suspend payment to the photographer.