Obama Campaign Mocking A POW's Wounds


This ad's getting play in the blogosphere. In it, the Obama camp mocks John McCain for not being able to send an email, apparently not realizing the reason has nothing to do with being out of touch and everything to do with having been tortured for five and a half years. The McCain camp should respond with footage of the ad and say, "It's true, John McCain can't send an email. He also can't brush his hair, tie his shoes, salute the flag. Here's why...."

Except that the email thing isn't exactly true. His broken fingers make him unable to type, but Forbes. com has called McCain
the Senate's savviest technologist
And an email junkie.

I'm sure the mocking of injuries is unintentional, but Ace of Spades makes the salient point. This is Obama in a tough spot. Reassured? Seeing judgment?