Scoring The Bailout

Conservatives For:

  • Bruce Bartlett (must-read piece)

    Bottom line: We're closer to the precipice than Congress or most of the public understands. Our entire economic system really is at stake - and those treating the bailout plan as just another government spending program are seriously wrong.

    Failure of this plan risks another Great Depression. Really.

    You can see the fear in Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's eyes and in those of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. But they dare not say how critical the situation is - lest it shake confidence and make matters worse.

  • John Boehner (even though it's a "c--- sandwich")
  • Newt (reluctantly)
  • Heritage Foundation ("necessary and acceptable")
  • Kudlow
  • Bob Livingston
  • Thomas Sowell
  • Vin Weber (reluctantly)

Conservatives Against:

Who knows? On any given question, I follow Thomas Sowell, a man whom I'd be tempted to worship were there no God.

But... I have the same question Jonah Goldberg's asking.