All The Presidential Candidates Merely Players

I am trying to view the coming inevitable with a sense of humor. If by some miracle McCain could reverse the trends in the next 30 days (Possible? Yes. Likely? No.), the Dems will certainly have a veto-proof Senate and quite possibly a veto-proof House as well. Any way you slice it, the next four years are going to be hard for lovers of life & liberty.

But there will always be Shakespeare, even if the American people are seeming a bit like King Lear to me this morning.

Update: American Digest says the polls don't say what they seem to say. Usually the campaigns have internal polls that guide them, and McCain's the only fellow pulling out of a swing state and redeploying resources. But, hey, I'll grasp at any straw! He also reports (via Rasmussen) that 59% of Americans are ready to replace Congress and start from scratch. Alas, when Americans "throw the bums out," they usually mean everyone else's bum, and keep their own. But that's two straws to grasp at, for which I'm grateful.

But if we update this

as he suggests, we can elect neither McCain nor Obama, right?