Have I Become A Snob?

George Will's latest.
All economic news is bad, not just because the phrase "good news" is a journalistic oxymoron ("We don't report the planes that land safely") but also because any economic development can be construed ominously: Inflation is down? The economy might be slowing. The economy is growing? Inflation might be coming. Either way, woe.

Then he notes:
So, herewith a third axiom: Really grim news always contains good news. Remember Orwell's rule that the quickest way to end a war is to lose it? One way to reduce the price of oil is to have an economic slowdown. The price plummeted from a July 3 peak of $145.29 to $62.65 last Friday. Is everybody happy? Not exactly. Hugo Chávez, Vladimir Putin and Iran's ruling mullahs, whose geopolitical ambitions are lubricated by high oil prices, are dismayed, which augments America's stock of happiness.

I think that's been covered here too, recently.

If I start waxing eloquent about the World Series, crush me like a bug. Although I do have to say I just heard Big Mac tell a crowd that no one will interrupt the World Series with an infomercial on his watch. (Can't help lovin' that man o' mine.)