If You Need To Laugh At The Impending Election Doom


Go here. Includes the word "b----" at the end. No hate mail, please.

Other random items, some serious, some not so.
  • Unique take on the debate last night. It's short, you can handle it.
  • This headline caught my eye in the grocery queue this afternoon: "The Scent That Makes Women Look Slimmer." I didn't buy the magazine. (Who hasn't heard of beer?)
  • Michael Yon on whether we can win in Afghanistan. (He might be the only guy who actually knows at present.) The short version is he's validating my question after that depressing lunch last year:
    common wisdom is that Afghanistan is the Just War that is going well and Iraq is the disaster that's been mishandled from the get-go. I wonder if history will vindicate that view.

  • A trio from Thomas Sowell on Barack Obama: High Ideals & No Principles. And why the little things sometimes are "real issues." On the problem with populism in the midst of a financial crisis. And Do Facts Matter?, on the political fallout of our economic crisis.
  • Obama's friend tried to kill my family.
  • Campaign Anagrams