Jeremiad For Our Time

I only think like this Tuesday & Thursdays. The other days I recall that God is merciful, and that while evil makes headlines, good is always working under the radar and often comes to the rescue in unforeseen ways. As Scrooge asks of the Ghost of Christmas Future, are these shadows things that may be, or things that will be? And the answer is, of course, things that may be.

Our media promulgate not truth but narrative, not fact but fabrication, a fully empowered propaganda machine entirely co-opted by postmodern secular culture and messianic politics.

And yet, here we sit, watching on our flat screens in full HD the celebration of androgynous eunuchs in staged competitions about who can create the prettiest dress or redesign the penthouse of some satyrical single, who long ago decided that life was about getting laid, leaving the emotional, physical, and social tab for someone else to pay. These are the individuals we celebrate and elevate with our eyes, our time, our adulation, our admiration, our money.

The extraordinary instability in the world cannot long endure — and I fear we are ill-prepared in the extreme for the abyss which will follow. We have raised generations to believe they are entitled to ease, wealth, and prosperity; we have taught them through our easy divorces and casual shack-ups that commitment only lasts as long as it feels good, and that love is all about sex; we have failed to provide any framework of character, morality, integrity, and perseverance upon which to rest when all we have taken for granted — the wealth, the comfort, the false security, the easy irresponsibility — crumbles to the ground.
Despair is a sign of the diabolical spirit, as St. Ignatius reminds us in his rules for discernment. Nevertheless, a good, sobering smack in the face --or kick in the pants as the case may be-- is a good thing. So read away.

Curtsy: American Digest