"Joe The Nut"


I just don't care about the brain-scan story (except in the sense that I note the discrepancy between folks who think McCain might be disqualified by skin cancer, but not Biden for 2 brain aneurysms or however you spell it).

But I must say that "guaranteed foreign policy crisis in the first six months" has gotta be the lamest campaign promise ever.

Even lamer than the promise that 95% of the American people will get a tax cut when 40% of them pay no tax at all to begin with. And that top 5% of taxpayers pay more than half of the income tax the government already collects.

And just because we're at Ryskind's sketchbook, read his smackdown of Christopher Hitchens, "The Ghoul of Baghdad." As long-time readers know, there is a strange weakness for Hitch in these parts, but he still deserves it.