So: did we watch The One's infomercial? It reminded me of an episode of Oprah, and later Mr. W. reminded me that Oprah did it.

If you missed it, we opened with amber waves of grain and purple mountain's majesties. Then Obama introduced a series of wonderful people down on their luck in this economy, and after we heard their stories and fell in love with them, he'd come in like the Lone Ranger to explain how he'd make it all better.

It made me want to vote for Obama --even though I knew I was being shamelessly manipulated and in some respects blatantly lied to.

A couple minutes in, a chiron announced:
Live Obama Event later in the program.
"Obama Event?" I asked myself. The way the theologians refer to the "Christ Event?" That sort of broke the spell for me.

Also, he's down to $200,000/household for his "tax break" (actually a re-fundable tax credit). I'd like to know what the individual earner figure is. At any rate, hearing him say it has to validate what folks have been saying all week about how the number at which one is "rich" keeps shrinking.

At the very end they broke away live to some stadium in FL. He loves the big stadium thing. I don't think it works for him, though. I find it creepy, and I can't believe I'm the only one who does. OK, we get it, you can draw a big crowd. That you can't bear to be seen without one is odd. I got a strong Weimar Republic about to elect the demagogue vibe at the end. (I am not saying Obama is Hitler, but he is a shameless and dangerous demagogue.)

Update: If you can bear some vulgarity, this review sums it up well.
a dour documentary designed to undermine an eastern bloc country, circa 1974. Ten minutes into the thing, I was expecting a bunch of fat babushkas in headscarves fighting over the last loaf of stale bread. By the time it was over, I had boiled and eaten a neighbor's dog.