Ooh! Mob Rule!

WSJ points out what we have to look forward to with the coming Liberal Supermajority.

I was once angry with McCain about the Gang of Fourteen, but I begin to think he saved the world with it. Or almost saved it. There is an excellent chance President Obama will have a filibuster-proof Senate, and we're about to see all manner of whackery fly through both houses for the President's blithe signature.

Just fer starters:
  • universal medicare
  • taxes galore and on things you'd never have dreamed of
  • strangulation by regulation for businesses
  • Union rule --card check and the end of the secret ballot
  • global warming bureaucracy
  • voting advantages for Democrats that keep them in power
  • felons given the right to vote
  • Fairness Doctrine (hush Rush bill) and blog regulation
  • Special Interest Potpourri
And they don't even mention:
  • FOCA, which will repeal any regulation of any kind on abortion and strip states of the right to limit abortion in any way.
  • Nor do they mention the appointing of one or two new young judges who will enshrine Roe v. Wade for the rest of any of our lives.
  • Massive military cuts, with resultant "testing" of our resolve. Likely disappearance from history of Israel, Taiwan and South Korea. For starters.
Curtsy, if that's the right word under the circumstances: ninme