Our Lady of Victory, Pray For Us

Our family's been praying the "Lepanto" rosary for weeks now. (Have I mentioned we take credit for the success of the Surge? The day the President announced it, we sat with our kids and said, "We have about 6 months to turn Iraq into a victory, or politics will require us to withdraw. This will harm our country, but worse, it will likely result in the deaths of millions of innocent Iraqis. We have to pray hard for victory." Then we added the St. Michael prayer to our nightly devotions for that intention. And voila! Victory! All because there's a pure and innocent young Michael in our family who's tight with the mighty Archangel.)

So: today begins the novena for the election. For consciences to be enlightened, for truth to out, for the gift of prudence to be poured out on our people...and may God's will be done. Fr. Corapi has prepared a reflection for the occasion. And the bishops have a recommended novena for the election, too. We'll forgive them for making evil pdf files.

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