A Pleasant Solicitation

The downside of having a walkable neighborhood is...people walk it and knock on your door. We get a brisk business in Adventists, Mormons, Witnesses, environmentalists asking for petitions to be signed, kids selling candy, and offers to mow the lawn.

So the doorbell rang at an early dinner because I have to go out and childcare fell through so the kids are coming with. I sent Eldest Weed to the door to tell whoever it was that we were eating dinner (translation: Go. A. Way.)

But the guy just wanted to know where we got our McCain/Palin yard sign. He looked like Joe the Plumber's friend, so maybe the debate had some effect.

Last election in our libbyland where we live, after we put up our Bush sign, it was like a floodgate opened and 17 more cropped up. (We drove around looking for them like Christmas lights.) This year there are 4 McCains including us. And now maybe 5.