A Poem For Brooks & Buckley & She Who Must Not Be Linked

In the event Big Mac & Sarracuda pull it off....

The Second Slumming
by Matthew Archbold

Turning and turning pages of whiners and criers
The readers did not heed their columnists
Things fell apart, the centrists did not hold
McCain/Palin is loosed upon the world

The dim-witted tide is loosed and everywhere
The Inauguration ceremony of liberalism is drowned
The liberals lacked conviction while the red states
Were full of passionate intensity

We all thought some revelation was at hand
We thought the Second Coming was at hand
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a spirited report from the New York Times

Troubles Noonan, Brooks and Buckley's sight, somewhere in the ice of Alaska
A curvy shaped body; her hair in a bun
A gaze blank and pitiful and so dumb
Is moving her slow witted constituency, while all about her

Reel shadows of the indignant columnists and anchors
The darkness drops again; but now they know
That two years of blissful nuanced daydreams
Were vexed to nightmare by a Wasilla Mayor

And this tough beast, her hour come round at last
Slouches towards Washington to be born?