Pro-life News I Blush To Disclose

WaTi on the latest stem cell source:
Cells taken from men's testicles seem as versatile as the stem cells derived from embryos, researchers reported Wednesday in what may be yet another new approach in a burgeoning scientific field.

The new study used cells taken from biopsied tissue from 22 different men undergoing various medical treatments. The men ranged in age from 17 to 81.

Researchers found that after a few weeks of growth, the cells could differentiate into various types of cells just like those taken from embryos.


Mr. Skutella said a female equivalent could be in women's egg cells, but Mr. Daley said that's unlikely because of the makeup of those cells.

Indecisiveness has its uses, I see.

Ahem. Now then. ESCR is not about cures, it is about baptizing abortion. Therefore, no matter how many alternatives to using embryos we find, and no matter how many diseases they cure while ESCR research is off in a corner failing and causing freaky side-effects because of our inability to control cell growth, we must repeat our mantra....

Ah, yes, here it is:
Other scientists hailed the idea as promising, but not a reason to give up on research on embryonic stem cells.
'Course not.