Al Gore Abandons Climate Change

Abe Greenwald makes an astute observation about Al Gore's NYT op-ed today. Gore de-emphasizes the earth is melting and it's all your fault scare tactic, moving along to the much more reasonable call for energy independence. (McCain wins the argument!)
We’ll never know if Al Gore finally understands that he fell for an enormous and costly political scam. But he clearly realizes no one is throwing money into cooling the planet during a chilly recession.
Fear not, though, Gore still doesn't have it right ("change" doesn't happen that fast):
Gore’s “new” plan includes some wedged-in pandering to mortgage crisis victims, etc., but it is simply another version of packaged government incentives dependent upon the fantasy that scientific solutions to energy dependence are just around the corner. Of course, a scientific solution has been with us for decades: nuclear energy. George W. Bush may say the word funny, but at least he says it. Apocalypse Al can’t risk scaring off his evangelical Greenpeacers with actual science just yet.