Bush Love


The Anchoress isn't the only one spending time lovin' on the President.

ninme found this sniffler: I come to hail chief, not to bury him.

Jules Crittenden notes, citing a story in the Financial Times:
"his main objective at the summit looks likely to be holding the line against European efforts to tame US-style “jungle capitalism” with tougher international regulations.

Another Alamo-like showdown is looming for Mr Bush on the domestic front, as the Democratic-controlled Congress pushes for a fresh economic stimulus and more government support for the ailing car industry.

The White House has voiced scepticism about both proposals, putting Mr Bush on a collision course with the president-elect, who supports them.

Mr Bush has made his own demands for the so-called lame-duck legislative session that starts next week, calling for Democrats to drop their opposition to the pending US free trade deal with Colombia."

That guy never quits. Which is why he made such a great wartime president. He links to two other good stories as well.

Bush will be missed by our Veterans.

I love George W. Bush Day

The Treatment of Bush Has Been A Disgrace

Well-played, President Bush

Loved this comment someone left at Protein Wisdom after the election:

At 10:40, President Bush will keep his streak alive by telling everyone how much he loves America. Just as he always has.

And he’ll show everyone how much he loves America by preparing Obama as best he can for the next 4 years. He’ll do everything in his power to impart to President-elect Obama the seriousness of national security. He’ll do it with dignity and class as he has always done...

The Decency of George W. Bush.

Bush is a good speaker.

And this Bush Good round-up from the Anchoress from this summer.

And I have my own contribution about how he never never never did nuttin' for pro-lifers even though they gave their all for him.

Savin' your a-- graphic shamelessly pinched from this post, which is worth a read.