Bush Poised To Save The World One Last Time

The story of how many terrorist attacks he spared us will unfold in the coming weeks.
How many times did he save us from climate changers bent on destroying the world economy? At least six. And now the G20's coming to Washington this week. As Gordon Chang points out:
Nobody is safe when 20 national leaders gather in a single room to guarantee global prosperity.
But it could be worse. It could be just eight. And they could be in New York.
Bush can smell statist solutions and instinctively fights them. As the Washington Post’s Jim Hoagland relates, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who holds the rotating European Union presidency through the end of this year, wanted Bush to call a meeting of the G8 in New York. Dubya, however, countered with convening the larger group in Washington. The larger gathering is designed to dilute the unhelpful influence of the Russians and add the friendly Saudis. The choice of venue is intended to eliminate any suggestion that the U.N. be involved in regulation of the financial markets. And President Bush tried to limit the meeting to four hours.

Bless 'im! ninme found a great slideshow of him. Meant to be mean, but I found it delightful.