Europe Admits Bush Was Right On Kyoto

Germany, Italy: Climate Change Rules Shouldn't Hurt Economy.

As documented here frequently, Europe always knew he was right. The news here is anyone admitting it.

This is a prime example of what's wrong with the "restore America's place in the world" model of governance. America & her allies for years have been the world's grown-ups, with European leaders behaving like nice kids invited to the party with underaged sex and drinking. They don't really want to go, but it wouldn't be cool to admit it, so they blame their parents. "Can you believe my lame ol' man won't let me go? Man, I hate him!"

Meanwhile, actually they're relieved. Bush has been Europe's cover on Kyoto and the war on terror: willing to be "hated" so the weaker members can kinda sorta do the right thing without losing face. What will happen when the American president becomes the ultimate conformist?

(Hear Carla Bruni on Letterman on Bush? That is totally the cool kid distancing herself from the ol' man with his black socks and shorts.)

Curtsy: The Anchoress, who notes --with links-- how the President is also right on Gitmo (which the President-Elect is also discovering now that he's going to be actually in charge), the surge, etc.