For Goodness' Sake!

Have you seen these stories about the American Humanist Association campaigning for a godless Christmas? They've launched a $40,000 advertising campaign in my hometown, asking on buses, "Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake."

A friend of mine's not taking that lying down (the Christmas season, so difficult for people who are lonely, hardly seems the right moment to go telling people they're existentially alone!) and called Metro to find out what it would cost to do a counter-campaign. With donated design and web services, she can buy the same amount of advertising (10 buses with side posters, 10 buses with tail posters, 200 interior bus posters) for a mere $14,000.

She's already got the ad, a website, and close to $2000 in $25 dribs and drabs. Wanna help her raise the rest? Click click! Or visit the campaign's facebook page.

If I knew how to post an adobe file I'd show you the prototype ad. It's pretty. I can't do the image justice in words, but the text reads:
Why believe? Because I created you for goodness' sake! And I love you. --God
That's what people need to be reminded of this season: that they're loved. Help my friend out. And if the ads come to your neighborhood (there's a huge billboard in the Jersey Turnpike), go Thou and do likewise.