Gandalf On The Election

I love the spirit of Tom Hoopes' post at the new National Catholic Register blog: We Come To It At Last.
Christ has a way of making these “all is lost” scenarios turn around ... if his people stand their ground. Pray for Frodo and Sam, whoever they are and wherever they are, because you know they’re out there.
I've been talking to folks behind the scenes about what pro-life measures can survive FOCA. One emerging strategy --which maybe should have been on our radar more all along-- is hitting Planned Parenthood clinics with turnabout for anything anyone tries to pull on crisis pregnancy cents. Ambulatory clinics can be regulated under FOCA. And under FOCA you could set up scholarships on every college campus for women who wanted to stay in school and take their babies to term, to name just two good ideas a friend sent me.

I'm also heartened to learn the pro-life defeats in the past election weren't as bad as they appear. For example, in Georgia, the measure went down in large part because the bishops didn't think they had anything to gain by it (the measure's aim was to get SCOTUS to look at evidence about when life begins, which it's refused to do a bazillion times) but potentially could have lost a lot (since the measure could have been interpreted to overthrow such restrictions on abortion as currently exist --such as parental consent). Similarly, Archbishop Chaput did not support the CO ballot measure --for reasons I haven't yet researched, but he's as sound as they come. So those "defeats" perhaps were actually victories.