Happy Veterans Day


Curtsy: Danielle Bean

American Digest reruns a lovely essay from Memorial Day. Take the time to read it.

ninme, Queen of Links, has a round-up of Veterans-Remembrance-Armistice Day reflections.

The Ryskind Sketchbook has another tribute video & points out there's loads of good Veterans Day stuff at Human Events today. I was lucky writes a Vietnam vet.

James Kushiner reminds us there were several veteran saints, though, ok, not American veterans.
In the calendar of the Christian church, several "soldier saints" are commemorated from a much earlier time. Of the three I have in mind, two were martrys--Menas and Victor--and one a bishop who die peacefully--Martin of Tours. Martin, according to one version, was 18 when he cut his soldier's cloak in two to share with a beggar.
Not to mention Francis of Assisi & Ignatius of Loyola.