Hi, I'm Dan And I'll Be Your Tyrant Today

Is there anything at all a University can do to have the designation rescinded? Like this? Hiring 6 people --this M Div (natch!) student -- to go around the lunch tables making sure no one is saying anything mean.
Queen's University in Kingston, Ont., has hired six students whose jobs as "dialogue facilitators" will involve intervening in conversations among students in dining halls and common rooms to encourage discussion of such social justice issues as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability and social class.
These "facilitators" are actually "squelchers":
"We are trained to interrupt behaviour in a non-blameful and non-judgmental manner, so it's not like we're pulling someone aside and reprimanding them about their behaviour. It is honestly trying to get to the root of what they're trying to say - seeing if that can be said in a different manner."
For example, as the CHRCs have already modeled for us, if you say, "The Bible teaches that homosexuality is wrong," the monitor will help you get to the root of what you're trying to say: "I am sorry for being a homophobic bigot and will never broach this topic again." Wasn't that easy and helpful?