How Arizona Got Rid Of Its Illegal Immigrants

A great American success story. Not. The following terms are being banned from AZ courtrooms.

Illegal aliens
Resident or non-resident aliens
Illegal immigrants
Illegal immigration
Immigration epidemic
Immigration crisis
Immigrant invasion
Pro-illegal immigration activists
Open borders advocates
Anchor babies
Proponents for amnesty.

Brilliant. And so easy! Let's end murder by banning the words "stabbed," "shot," "poisoned," "ran over," "victim," and "killer." Let's end our economic crisis by banning the words "credit crunch" and "mortgage." Let's end obesity by banning the word "fat." And let's end judicial overreach by banning the words "colossally ignorant," "mind-numbingly foolish" and "I can't believe this isn't a Coen brothers movie I'm living in."