Keeping Hope Alive

If we're going down, let it be swinging, and not because the MSM or the Obama campaign depressed voter turnout.

I just spent an hour making get-out-the-vote calls to Independent voters in VA. (You can too. See that phone calls button at the right? It's easy. C'mon, you don't want to wake up Wednesday morning to President Obama without having given it your all). Most voters aren't home, of course, but the folks I actually spoke to were enthusiastically for McCain "the whole family's on board," they said. I was calling mostly in VA. Only one person hung up on me in disgust.

Folks who think McCain will win:

Roger Kimball:
for the simple old fashioned reason that I do not believe the instinct for self-preservation has been entirely bred out of the American electorate.

Vox Populi
Bob Krumm (not to be confused with Shrum)

Curtsy for those last two links to No Left Turns

Starbucks is giving free coffee to voters tomorrow. Danielle Bean suggests looking at their ad and thinking "pro-life" voter.

Update: My neighbor's 10-yr-old helped her dad make 100 calls to OH voters. I would feel ashamed, except Mr. W. took our 10-yr-old to do campaign lit drops all day yesterday. (In political families, the eldest child is always sacrificed to the cause. I know of what I speak.)