Maria Conchita Por McCain Y Sarita

"Seen this movie" seems to be the Venezuelan-American analogy of choice w/ respect to Sen. Obama. My friend said it first and coming home just now I heard Maria Conchita Alonso on the Monica Crowley show passionately defending McCain and begging people not to be entranced by the charming one. She was born in Cuba and raised in Venezuela, is now naturalized and will cast her first vote as an American for Big Mac.

She was telling Crowley that she never gets angry with her friends voting for Obama as they get angry with her because (paraphrasing)
They have not experienced as I have the loss of freedom, the loss of the ability to work hard and raise yourself to new heights. They do not know the loss of all we take for granted in this beautiful country. I hope I am wrong, but I cannot watch this movie again and expect a different result.