My Personal Fairness Doctrine


He reminds me to link Chuck Schumer's comparing talk radio to p0rn. This is the first time I've ever heard a Liberal advocate regulating p0rn.

But enough snark. Because I need to sleep tonight, I am dialing my panic down a notch and passing along the following tidbits.

First, repeating from the previous post, where it was buried in other stuff, and also used to highlight a different point. A well-connected lobbyist reports --with no promises, mind you-- the following from his meetings recently.
BO people have the tax increase on the table. No predictions from me, but there are a lot of seats they hold that are strong GOP, and they don't want to get tagged with the recession. They might put off/scale back the tax increase. They are smart enough to at least think about it.
Secondly, although I fear Rahm Emanuel as a hater, I heard Brit Hume say today he thinks Emanuel is actually a good sign -- a sign Obama has no intention of being steamrolled by Nancy Pelosi and the Congress. Shark though he is, Hume reminds us that Emanuel is savvy and was willing --against MoveOn's wishes-- to support Blue Dog Democrats in order to win seats.

So, put two little marks in the best-case scenario side of the whiteboard.

Also, for your amusement, Jules Crittenden is beginning to bask in the Obamaglow.

Update: NY Post likes the Emanuel pick.