A Poem For Any Occasion

Almost Thanksgiving

Roasted turkey-- turkey stuffing
Gravy flowing in a boat.
Crans and yams and mashed potatoes
Whipped until they nearly float.

Yellow cornbread, black molasses
Butter for a ton of rolls--
Almond green-bean, carrot, spinach
Pearl onion casseroles.

Stalks of broc and brussel sprouts,
Corn and lima-bean goulashes,
Steamy brains of cauliflower,
Shapely deformed winter squashes.

Soups of root like rutabaga,
Pars- and tur-nip, radish, beet
Codfish stew and salty chowders
Crammed with clam and oyster meat.

Piping pies hot from the oven--
Call all hands to bring them in:
Apple, pumpkin, sweet potato
Nutmeg, spiced, and cinnamon.

Coffee-- lots of cream and sugar
Tasty Tarts stacked on a tray--
Stuffed? Don’t worry, this was practice.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.

--from The Ryskind Sketchbook,
and you simply must go see his magnificent illustration.