"Self-Inflicted Wounds"


Ryskind links to this article, wherein a bunch o' envious GOP governors shut down their own press conference rather than share the limelight with Sarah Palin. Now there's the new generation of leadership I'm lookin' fer: men who shut down uppity women. I have loved everything I've heard of her or from her out of that governors' meeting.

I am increasingly skeptical that any of the worst stuff actually came from anyone in the McCain campaign, but I enjoyed Ryskind's headline:
GOP Blames Palin Based On CW That No One Votes The Top Of The Ticket.
It's true! We all know Obama swept to victory on the strength of the groundswell of Biden support.

Update: That reminds me: Dennis Miller's a bit crude here, but his fundamental insight about Sarracuda strikes me as correct. It also reminds me to call your attention to McCain's Tonight Show appearance. Very funny in Part 1 (actually all parts), very gracious to SP in Part 2, and the last minute or so of Part 3 has a Veteran's Day anecdote that'll set you snifflin'. I said on the night of her speech at the GOP convention that the great contribution of SP to the campaign was: she made us love John McCain. I do love him, even though I want to throttle 'im for McCain-Feingold, etc., but stories like that are why.