Two Glorious Martyrs of Jihad Walk Into A Bar...

Telegraph: Al-Qaeda terrorist taught stand-up comedy at top security prison.

Zia Ul Haq, who was involved in the 'Gas Limos Project' to bomb London, was reportedly enrolled on an eight-day comedy workshop at HMP Whitemoor.

He was among 18 prisoners, including murderers, who were given lessons in stand-up, comic drama, improvisation and scriptwriting.

Having completed the £8,000 course they were to have received a certificate and staged a performance for fellow inmates and guards at the Category A prison in Cambridgeshire.

Alas, Jack Straw stepped in and shut the thing down when he heard about it. I don't know what all the fuss was. Forcing jihadists to do Borscht Belt jokes sounds like appropriate re-education to me.

Curtsy: Contentions, where a sample joke is provided:

I cheated on my wife. Now she calls me an infidel!