V-I Day


It happened November 16, 2008. Here's a round-up of proof. Thank you, American and allied service members, for this victory: be proud! Thank you military families for your sacrifices and your support of our troops. Thank you, President Bush, for doubling down instead of giving in. Thank you, General David Petraeus. Thank you, General Ray Odierno. Thank you, John McCain. Thank you, Michael Yon, without whom I don't think we'd know we'd won. Thank you, allies overt and covert. Be proud!

Congratulations, Iraqi people, for standing up when everyone said you wouldn't and couldn't. Congratulations on your new freedom and independence. Keep it!

House of E calls V-I Day
A 24-hour oasis of virility and manly triumph in a 365-day ocean of impotence.
Mr. W. observed the occasion in part by being a hand model for a portrait of Patton. Which strikes me as manly in part and unmanly in part.