Victory In Iraq Day

If saints can be canonized by acclamation, why cannot civil holidays be proclaimed that way too? That seems to be the logic of Zombietime's call for us to declare November 22 V-I day. I can dig it: here's the evidence.
Create your own ticker-tape in the form of blog posts and comments on that day:

What do you need to do to participate? Simple. Just make a post on your blog on Saturday, November 22, announcing that the war is over, and declaring that day to be Victory in Iraq Day. That's it.

If you want to write a short post (or a long essay) analyzing the nature of our victory or cheering the troops for a job well done, great; but if you just want to make a simple announcement of the victory, that's fine as well. Anything will do. Just come and join the celebration to mark the day.

I'm in! Curtsy: ninme, who's 4 years old this week, by the way.